Ramond Lam School of Motoring

About Us

My name is raymond, our driving school serves Milton Keynes and surrounding areas (Buckingham, Haversham, Castlethorpe, Hanslope) providing quality driving tuition, and our pass rate is consistently well above average.

I had been teaching in Hong Kong (HK School of Motoring, the leading driving school in HK) for nearly 10 years. Since moving to the UK , I had worked with B.S.M. and Raymond Lam School of Motoring was established in 1999.

DSA Approved Driving InstructorIn addition to being an DSA Approved Driving Instructor, I also hold the qualification of:


DIAmond Advanced Motorist DIAmond Advanced Motorist
Pass Plus registered Instructor Pass Plus registered Instructor
Driving Instrictor Assoication Driving Instructor Association


*Driving tuition'scan be carried out in ENGLISH, CANTONESE
or Putonhua (Mandarin) Chinese